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Platform to monitor your emotional health

EmoScienS is a Montreal start-up that promotes the understanding of your emotions through the study of your facial expressions. Scientific research shows the importance of paying attention to your emotions. However, in practice, everyone’s emotional health is put to the test, and the consequences are significant, both for workers and for organisations. EmoScienS, therefore seeks to provide an ethical and benevolent support service to ensure the emotional health of these users.

Activity area

Mental Health
Entrepreneurial environment

Our involvement

User Experience (UX)
Interface design (UI)
Back end development
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EmoScienS - Veillez sur vos émotions en continu.
The project

To best respond to the issue of mental health, EmoScienS produces tailor-made emotional profiles from the emotional data obtained on photos of the user taken via his webcam during his working time.

In addition to the interest of getting to know each other better individually, these profiles are useful in the business environment. Indeed, EmoScienS proposes to introduce this service within a work team to allow the manager to become aware of the health of his team and to be able to react adequately by modifying the work environment of the team.

In the context of personal data, EmoScienS develops this service with strong ethics on the protection of this data. All of this data is confidential or depersonalized in the event that the user wishes to share his data. Within a company, the manager can only see all the data of a group and not of an individual.

In parallel with this emotional profile, EmoScienS offers its users resources allowing them to better understand this profile as well as exercises to work on certain emotions. These resources have the virtue of improving the mental health of everyone through information from scientific research.

MVP and capture tool

The first step for which EmoScienS commissioned us was to produce a prototype of the tool which would allow them to recover the emotional data of users in order to validate the concept and to be able to have a first functional version.

For this, we have created an MVP (minimum viable product) which consists of three basic features:

  • Have a photo capture tool to capture the user’s emotions when working in front of their computer
  • Allow cloud processing of photos taken by the tool to determine the user’s emotion
  • Export the data to a CSV file after processing so that EmoScienS can perform analysis and create an emotional profile of the user
Outil de capture d'image
Tableau de bord de suivi d'émotions
The online emotional profile

A year later, after obtaining new funding and making progress in their product vision, EmoScienS contacted us again to set up an online emotional profile.

The challenges of this development were:

To make accessible all the emotional data obtained thanks to the image capture tools via playful graphics
To support the user in understanding their emotion with a dashboard that evolves over time
To implement a comparison tool between periods of time in order to allow the user to see the evolution of his mental health

This step allowed EmoScienS to have a first complete product. In parallel, the interface for data management by a team manager has been developed, opening EmoScienS to the corporate market.

Resource Section

Following the implementation of the dashboard that allows you to see your emotions, it was natural for EmoScienS to improve accessibility to information allowing you to understand your emotions.

We have therefore developed a section linked to the dashboard which allows the transmission of viable scientific information on human emotions. This information has been organized in such a way as to enable everyone to better manage their mental health. It includes among others:

A set of explanatory sheets that evolves according to its reading to prioritize its learning
A series of automated exercises and emails that take place over several days
A repository of online resources to explore topics focused on emotions

This new section allows EmoScienS to effectively transmit knowledge validated by the scientific community on our emotions in order to help their user to improve their mental health.

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The impact

EmoScienS was able to move from a concept in the ideation phase to a professional cloud platform allowing it to acquire new users in public and private organizations in order to validate the concept and develop the legal issues necessary for this type of innovation

You can follow the evolution of EmoScienS via their website and their social networks.