Our tools_


Our tools_

Tools as varied as your daily needs

The power of different technologies

FJNR is committed to using multiple code languages and different software technologies. The advantage of this practice is to be able to choose the language or languages that will best meet the needs of your project. We strive to continuously educate ourselves on any new languages or software technologies that could be of benefit to our customers.

International support

FJNR benefits from an international team including team members present in Canada, Europe and Asia. So we can support and troubleshoot your software tools quickly at different times of the day whether it is your internal tools or a tool developed for one of your customers. We have processes in place to transmit support requests to the person who can take care of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Project management at the heart of our operations

The secret to good software or a good web platform is to have good project management. In particular, it allows all the protagonists of a project to transmit their information and learn about other aspects of the project in order to move in the same direction. This allows efficient and dynamic collaboration. For this reason, FJNR embraces AGILE methodologies allowing you to progress gradually and sustainably in your projects.

Tailor-made « agile » development

Usually when the idea of creating software to meet a need strikes you, you need the software as quickly as possible. FJNR is aware of this and that is why we are developing in an agile way. We define with you from the start of the project all your essential needs so that we can quickly have a first version that you can use at the same time as we continue to integrate your less urgent needs. You can give us feedback on what has already been done and work with us to change the direction of the project as your thinking evolves and becomes reality. This also allows you to spread your investment over time and to be able to develop your project according to new parameters that you had not yet visualized at the start of your project.

Tailor-made accommodation

Hosting software and maintaining it securely is the biggest cost that comes after software development. FJNR works with different hosting solutions in order to offer you the best possible hosting according to your needs (cost, traffic, data storage …) If you already have hosting for your software, we can take care of it with a support contract to guarantee you the optimization of its hosting. The support contract also includes the maintenance of the hosting system in order to avoid security vulnerabilities that appear over time.