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Website for a vasectomy clinic. is a website for a medical clinic specializing in vasectomy, a method of permanent male contraception, following a simple, fast and very effective procedure (99.9% effectiveness).

Activity area

Medical health
Social environment

Our involvement

Market analysis
User experience (UX)
Interface design (UI)
Front-end development

The project was still using an old HTML/CSS website developed by a relative several years ago, they mandated us to:

  1. modernize the visual of the website
  2. make it mobile responsive
  3. ensure that future changes are now easily doable

During the project it appeared that our client’s current web host was suffering from several latencies incompatible with the new quality expectations, so we had several discussions with them and were finally also mandated to offer tailor-made hosting to on our servers.

A graphic redesign

The current website of being quite old, we had to operate a complete graphic overhaul of the user interface in order to correspond to the new standards of user experience and to clarify the placement of the clinic within the Montreal medical ecosystem.

For this, several works have been carried out:

  • A short market analysis: in order to place the clinic in front of other existing clinics
  • Analysis and re-design of textual content and images
  • The production of wireframes, to validate the overall concept
  • The production of the final design

Each of the steps was validated by the client, in order to obtain his opinion and ensure the success of the project.

Site before modification
Site after modification
Optimization of pre and post-operative details

Of all the information on the site, it was clear that some of them was medical in nature and therefore needed to be handled more carefully.

Our team therefore took care to organize pre- and postoperative content more carefully and validated with the client several methods to image them more effectively for patients.

Since the entire site is editable by the client, it will now be much faster and easier to modify this content as needed.

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Site web en version mobile de VotreVasectomie
Responsive version

The old site of was not optimized for mobile versions. However, for many years now, patients have consulted this type of content mainly from their mobile phones in the privacy of their homes.

Our team has therefore taken particular care to ensure that the site is fully functional on mobile while retaining all the information available, since this type of content is essential to the smooth running of the operation.

The impact

After only a few weeks of work, has a new, more modern, faster and clearer site for its patients.

The client is now able to modify the content of his site himself, considerably increasing the speed of updating information and drastically reducing the effort required for this.