Platform for buying organic and ecological food in bulk, everywhere in Quebec

NousRire, make organic, eco-responsible, ethical and affordable food accessible to their community, with a ton of fun, in order to help lead the transition towards healthy and sustainable ecosystems. NousRire is much more than good organic food in bulk… it’s a project from the heart, a community, a movement for a better world!

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The project

NousRire, a purchasing group that has been established for several years across Quebec, has mandated us to redesign all of their digital tools within a single new, central platform, synchronizing all the data of NousRire and the actions of its participants.

The tools were discussed and thought through together, in order to include digital tools at the center of the organization and to adequately prepare the migration of their old tools.

Competitive analysis

Replacing digital tools in a project of this magnitude inevitably raises many questions internally about the current and future needs of the organization, but also about the documentation of the flows currently in place to ensure that we do not lose data or options for action.

It is in this context that NousRire asked us to do a statistical analysis of their sales data as well as a competitive analysis of its services:

  • Identify the average customer baskets to ensure that the new platform adapts well to the reality of NousRire
  • Identify typical users of WeLaugh (persona)
  • Make an inventory of the current website with its weaknesses and strengths
  • Make a comparison with competitors of NousRire
Exemple de l'analyse concurrentielle effectuée pour NousRire
Redesign of the commercial site

The old site of NousRire was a WordPress site serving both as a commercial site and an e-commerce platform. This site has been out of date for a long time and became complex to maintain due to conflicts between the many active extensions.

We were commissioned to create a brand new commercial site, still based on WordPress, in order to make it easy to edit by the administrators of NousRire. This new commercial site includes extensions that our team has developed tailored, allowing certain data and visuals to be synchronized with the new NousRire management platform.

The visuals, content and architecture of the pages have been completely redesigned by our team and followed a step-by-step validation flow with the NousRire team.

Before modification
Visuel de l'ancien site de NousRire
After modification
Nouveau site commerciale de NousRire
The e-commerce store

The new e-commerce platform is the result of several months of brainstorming between all the administrators of NousRire.

It includes many new features that would not have been possible with the old WordPress website.

Functionality of the NousRire store
Bulk product and variant

Users can find the products using categories and filters (organic, zero waste, Quebec…). Each product has “Variants” and a permissive or restrictive stock management. All orders result in a calculation of the necessary packaging and associated costs, depending on the product.

Cell and order management

The user has an interactive map, on the commercial website and on the shop, in order to be able to choose the collection point to which he wishes to go to collect his order.

All information on the platform adapts according to the chosen cell:

  • Available products
  • Their price
  • Organic certifications
Order recovery

The user can choose the date and time of picking up his order, via an automatic system that linearizes the number of people in the physical areas to reduce waiting times and employee stress.

A traffic graph is then available to users and administrators to make them aware of the best pick-up times.

Appointment reminders are automatically added to the customer’s profile, compatible with Google Calendar, Outlook and most calendar systems.

Capture d'écran de la homepage NousRire
Capture d'écran d'une fiche produit NousRire
Capte d'écran de la boutique de NousRire - Carte des cellules
Capture d'écran de NousRire - Panier
The administration panel

The administrative panel of NousRire is the central element of work of all the managers of the organization.

It includes a large number of analysis and calculation tools to simplify their decision-making.

The administrative panel - NousRire
Points of sale and opening period

Administrators can easily add new places of sale in the system and promote their contact informations (email, social networks, etc.)

When an order period ends, CSV exports are available to allow administrators to order the right amount of food, manage internal logistics between cells and manage finances.

Inventory management

The platform supports all units of mass and volume, metric and imperial, making it possible to adapt to each type of supplier while providing consistent exports for inventory management.
Each product has its own permissive or restrictive stock options, allowing you to limit purchases to products currently available or not.
An intelligent packaging system allows us to know what type of packaging we should use, how much will be needed, and calculates the human and material costs necessary for the operation.

POS and refund management

The platform offers a point-of-sale (POS) system allowing NousRire to be able to sell directly from physical points of sale. This point of sale supports products and formats available only in store and accepts card or cash payments.

A refund system is also available on the platform, allowing a customer’s order to be adjusted or canceled according to multiple business rules specially requested by NousRire. Thus the administrators have total freedom over customer satisfaction.

Capture d'écran Panel admin NousRire - Liste des produits
c panel admin NousRire - Détail d'un produit
Capture d'écran du panel admin NousRire-Système de remboursement
Capture d'écran du panel admin NousRire - Détail d'un utilisateur

The impact

Through this project, NousRire was able to improve its knowledge of its own services through competitive analysis and was finally able to transform its simple, non-updated WordPress site into a complete, tailor-made management platform, adapted to their business rules and offering many new features. All of this allows the way in which NousRire works to shine even in its digital use.

Unfortunately, NousRire did not survive the major change in habits caused by Covid-19 and the organization is no longer active.

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